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Quuppa Tag Emulation
Enhanced real time positioning

The BLE-B can be seamlessly configured to emulate a Quuppa tag: a simple command is enough to let your BLE-B appear in your pre-existent Quuppa system!

This powerful combination of Quuppa Intelligent Locating Technology™ and Blebricks technology allows you not only to accurately track the position of your BLE-B, but also to read the data coming from all the Blebricks attached to your BLE-B directly from your Quuppa environment!

This means that you can:

  • Estimate your BLE-B’s altitude by measuring the local atmospheric pressure
  • Know your BLE-B’s absolute orientation (and thus detect whether it is correctly placed or not)
  • Know the temperature, humidity and quality of the air of the room your BLE-B is located in
  • Know whether your BLE-B is exposed to the light or not and how much UV radiation it is subjected to
  • Detect different colours of the light illuminating your BLE-B
  • Detect presence of objects or people in your BLE-B’s surrounding area
  • Accurately measure the distance from your BLE-B to objects or people, up to 4 m
  • Read a message stored in BLE-B’s memory
  • Detect BLE-B’s button state changes
  • Do many other things as the Blebricks’ family expands itself!
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