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PROximity deTECTOR


The Protector has been developed to give a fast and concrete answer to a different range of possible applications.

The Protector (PROximity deTECTOR) is a Super Beacon developed with Blebricks technology: it is a MULTIFUNCTIONAL device that can be used for different applications including beaconings, Real Time Location, positional datalogging and remote signalling.

It can operate autonomously, without infrastructure, or within a system that uses gateways and relies on applications on smartphones or remote servers to take full advantage of its properties.

The Protector is a sanitizable device and thanks to the long life of the batteries it requires very little maintenance.

Main Features

Battery: CR2477- 3Vdc/1000mAh
Operating Freq: UHF
Output power: -40 +4 dBm (steps 4 dBm)
Tx/Rx intervals: settable
Transmission distance: programmable up to 30 mt
Advertising data: Device ID, RSSI devices detected, Alarm and status flags, Group ID
Log data: Timestamp, ID and detected devices RSSI
Embedded Sensors: Temperature, Triaxial Accelerometer, Voltmeter, Pushbutton, Radio RSSI
Signaling Devices: RGB LED, Buzzer 80 dB, Vibrator
Battery status indication
Advertising + Flashing yellow LED
Operating Temperature: -20°C +60°C
Dimensions: dia=53mm, thickness 18mm
Weight: 26gr
CE Marking

Protector Uses

It is possible to use the Protector with one or more of the following features:


It can be used as long life Beacon (>7 years) with auxiliary functionality of man down and shock detection. Available on request with I-Beacon and Eddystone format transmission.

Localizer (RTLS)

Using Protectors with Gateways or advanced RTLS systems (Quuppa), or even with “positional” Beacons, objects and/or people can be located with the desired precision, even submetrically.

Proximity Detector

It can detect, store and transmit proximity conditions with other similar devices or Beacons, ( Protector Pure Beacons or BLEBeacons) for Contact Tracing type applications, or even for path/path tracking. Contacts or Routes can be logged and downloaded offlines.

Remote Signalling Device

Signaling Devices (LED-RGB, Vibro-Motor, Buzzer) can be remotely activated via Gateways and/or Smartphones to notify hazardous conditions, locate objects etc.

Local Hazard Beacon

Thanks to the integrated sensors it can store and signal to other Protectors, Smartphones and Gateways, dangers arising from conditions such as shock, man down, panic, high temperatures, assemblies, overturns.

Configurable Sensors Hub

The Protector can be connected to all Blebricks communication devices and sensors. For example, it can integrate sensors able to measure the main environmental, inertial and physiological parameters.

What are the functions of the Protectors?

The Protectors, worn by individuals, are developed in support of company policies aimed at ensuring the safe performance of work activities through:

  • DISTANCE ALERT: In the event of a violation of minimum distance maintenance (company configurable measure), individuals and any infrastructure are alerted by the device;
  • INTERACTION RECORDING: Protector records all personal interactions that are less than a minimum distance to maintain (company configurable measure) and of significant duration (company configurable measure);
  • RESCUE FUNCTION: the emergency situation or alert, is reported to all devices in the vicinity in addition to the corporate infrastructure;
  • SHOCK STATUS SIGNAL: The device signals if significant shocks occur;
  • MAN DOWN CONDITION SIGNAL: The Protector signals the man down condition;
  • ANTI-PANIC FUNCTION: By pressing the button, the individual can signal an alarm or panic condition;
  • TACITATION BY USER GROUP: The company can deactivate the function of “remote signaling” for groups of users (e.g. negatives, members of the same family, …);
  • ON-THE-FLY MODE: The Protector can be reconfigured (on the fly) remotely to suit different operating conditions;
  • REMOTE SIGNALS: the devices can be used for signaling particular events (e.g. fire, gas leakage…) by the company.
How do Protectors work

Once activated, the Protectors can be used, depending on the application with or without auxiliary infrastructure, for the most diverse uses described above. The Protectors are powered by Blebricks technology and, through the BLE-B, communicate via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Through the provided application, MyProtector, the Protectors can be configured according to the needs and requirements of the company. They can also be reprogrammed or reconfigured on the fly at any time. 

How does the Protector work in the presence of an infrastructure (Gateway and Software)?

The Protectors can connect to the Internet through special receivers (Gateways) and therefore exchange the data collected with a remote server. The Gateways autonomously select the Protectors present within the range of action, connect with them, download the data and send it directly to the server. A special application on the server can therefore be used, for example, to trace and report any risk situations and locate the devices.

Web Platform

The data collected by the Protector and transmitted to the Gateway are managed by a special application, for applications such as:

  • Attendance and access control
  • Contact Tracing
  • Real Time Location
  • Remote signaling
  • Signaling of local dangerous conditions
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