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Il Protector è Utilizzato Come Wearable Device Per Supportare Il Distanziamento Sociale E Per Tracciare I Contagi

Corona virus increases the need to protect workers using devices support personal distancing and work safe.

Our solution
Blebricks technology has been able to quickly develop Protector – PROximity deTECTOR: a compact and configurable wearable device capable of storing and reporting breaches of distance limits between two or more operators. Protector is equipped with various sensors to also detect the conditions of man on ground, shock, high ambient temperature and assemblies. It has a panic button and alerts you if it is worn incorrectly.
It allows you to differentiate groups of users and the alarm can be deactivated for a certain period of time.
.It can be synchronized with smartphones or gateways to download logs, read violation events in real time, or configure, even dynamically and by remote server, its threshold settings and operating modes. This can be done also based on air quality and particulate values that can be detected through our gateways.

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  1. Storing and reporting breaches of distance limits between two or more operators (including crows)
  2. High flexibility: multiple detection areas (dynamic and programmable) to manage different risk conditions with acoustic, haptic and/or visual reporting.
  3. Multifunctionality: it detects the conditions of man on ground, shock, high ambient temperature.
  4. Sanitization and immersion resistant and…much more!

The device Made in Italy operates at extremely low energy consumption and the battery can last up to two years.

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