The Ble-B is the basic communication device.  Equipped with a revolutionary flexibility, it is assembled with every other Blebricks and communicates via Bluetooth with smartphones, tablets and other IoT.

The Blebricks communicate with each other even without coating, reducing the weight and volume of combinations of devices. The BLE-B naked version maintains the same functionality and properties as the packaged version.

Features of BLE-B:

    • Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
    • 3 color RGB LED
    • RTC Clock
    • Temperature sensor
    • Datalogger functionality
    • Automatic activation in case of loss of connection
    • Power Output Adjustable:-40/+ 8 dBm
    • Beacon mode for low power consumption
    • Memory R/W
    • AES encryption
    • High transmission speed (LE 2m)