BLE-B: the basic communication BleBrick

The Ble-B is the BleBricks’ basic communication module. Equipped with a revolutionary flexibility, when assembled with other BleBricks it extends without limits the sensorial and I/O capabilities of your Smartphones and Tablets.

Kit for hardware prototype

Even when considered as a stand alone unit, with no other BleBricks connected to it, the BLE-B can be regarded as a “super” Beacon that, by exploiting the Bluetooth® and/or NFC, wireless technology adds important features to the basic functionalities of the commercial Beacons and opens new  possible scenarios for applications:

1)Unbounded interactions

2) Direct interactions

3) Management of I/O ins

4) Easy Fix

5) Bluetooth® 5 Ready

6) RTL: Full compatibility with Quuppa Tag Emulation Specification (Quuppa Direction FInding and Quuppa Data packets)

Interazioni illimitate

Interazioni dirette


With BLE-B there are no limits in number of connected devices!

  1. Unbounded Interactions: by appropriately exploiting the advertising and observing capabilities, the BLE-B allows a simultaneous data exchange with any number of similar devices and Smartphones, practically overcoming the limits to the number of allowable “connections”.



2)  Direct Interactions: the BLE-B can be configured to detect specific events, exchange commands and actions with a any number of other similar BLE-Bs. I.e. by detecting an action or status on a specific BLE-B (i.e. push button, overcoming of a temperature threshold, etc) it can be sent a predefined command to one or a group of BLE-Bs, so that in turn they can activate specific own actions (i.e. Turn LED on, Activate I7O, rele etc.)

The BLE-B: management of I/Os and easy fix
  1. Management of I/Os pins: The BLE-B allows to control and/or observe the status of its own I/O Pins directly via Bluetooth® . More specifically there are:
      • 4 digital I/O pins, that can be used both as inputs or outputs (when no other BleBricks are connected to the BLE-B)
      • 2 pins that can be configured either as digital I/Os or analog inputs
  2. Easy Fix: Insiders know well that often Beacons manufacturers underestimate the needs of having different way to attach the Beacons to the items they are “linked” to. The BLE-Bs come with a set of interchangeable basis allowing to fix them in many possible ways: magnetic, adhesive, wristband, keyholdern screws, rivets, cable ties and so on.
Bleb-b naked version

Maintaing the same functionality of the packaged version, the Blebricks can be integrate in porducts and prototypes easly during their industrial application.

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Kit for hardware prototype
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Examples of some BleBricks kits that will be available soon
Early Kits will be available from September 2018. Please contact us if, meanwhile, you have specific requests!

Basic kit: 25€

  • BLE-B, basic communication device
  • BLE-SPS, power supply

Intermediate kit: 65€

  • BLE-B, basic communication device
  • BLE-SPS, power supply
  • BLE-3XA, accelerometer, gyro, motion and TAP sensor
  • BLE-LUM, visible and IR brightness sensor
  • BLE-PRT, pressure and temperature sensor

Advanced kit: 140€

  • Intermediate kit (5 Blebricks)
  • BLE-IMU, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, inclination, tilt, TAP sensor
  • BLE-ENV, Gas sensor, Air quality (IAQ), VOC, Pressure, temperature, humidity
  • BLE-RPS, rechargeable   battery, uUSB recharge, Horizontal 3 positions

Business kit: 380€

  • Set of 3 Advanced kits

To discover the other kits available, please send a request to