Bringing Blebricks up to the cloud

By perfectly integrating our technology with Sigfox, the SFX is ready to bring your IoT project to the next level.
Just add it to your Blebricks and get access to their data remotely from all over the world! No sim cards, no boring network configurations, and the first year of services is free for all of our customers!
With its global Low Power Wide Area Network, Sigfox has reinvented connectivity for the IoT by drastically bringing down cost and energy consumption required for a secure connection of the devices to the Cloud.
An example? Check this out! We’ve built a pocket-size weather station using BLE-B, SFX, ENV and RPS. Right now, it is monitoring the air quality in our office in Prato!

Button Caricamento in corso..!

Temperature Caricamento in corso.. Caricamento in corso.. °C!

Value: Caricamento in corso.. °C

Caricamento in corso.. detected!

New message!

Caricamento in corso..

Caricamento in corso.. °C
Caricamento in corso.. Pa
Caricamento in corso.. % r.H.
Air Quality
Caricamento in corso..
Retrieving data..
You can even know where your Blebricks are!

You can even know the position of your Blebricks!

By exploiting Blebricks’ direct interactions and our SFX brick, you can easily create a local network of wireless sensors and get their data remotely.
Each sensor can send an alert whenever certain conditions are reached.
The SFX brick then gathers all the information and uploads them to the cloud, allowing you to receive notifications even from the other side of the world.
While doing this, the SFX brick can even forward messages from a smartphone and upload the data coming from a mounted Blebrick.
In this demo, the SFX brick is periodically updating the data coming from the mounted ENV brick (temperature, pressure, humidity and air quality) and it is listening to surrounding devices.
One BLE-B pushes a notification each time the button is pressed or the temperature goes above a certain threshold.
Another BLE-B has a mounted PDM brick to push notifications whenever an object is detected.
With our MakeApp, a smartphone can send messages or GPS coordinates for the SFX brick to forward them.
Nice, huh? We have built it in few minutes, using Blebricks!
Whether you want to make sure your plants are growing nicely, or your precious wine cellar is at the perfect temperature, or nobody is walking into your room while your are sipping your mojito at the Bahamas or you are waiting for the bus in the rain, you can do this and much more using your fantasy and the right set of Blebricks!