Elite Interaction Kit


The Elite Interaction Kit EIK-1906 includes the following packaged Blebricks:

BLE-B, our Blebrick for Bluetooth® Low Energy communication featuring embedded temperature sensor and flash memory, RGB LED, button and 4 I/Os including PWM and ADC features

RPS, our power supply Blebrick including rechargeable Li-Po battery and micro-USB charging slot

CAP, our touch sensor Blebrick with capacitive touch detection

PCB, our Blebricks-compatible breadboard for custom assembly

VBR, featuring a small vibration motor

BUZ, featuring a buzzer

WPL, featuring a high intensity colored LED

IB3, our three-positions horizontal mounting base

FIX, our multi-purpose mounting base with magnet, support for wristband (not included) and key-holder (not included), and mounting holes



The Elite Interaction Kit EIK-1906 includes the following packaged Blebricks: BLE-B, CAPPCBVBRBUZ, WPLRPS and IB3. The kit also includes a FIX.




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