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Spiaggia Con Scrigno

Organize a treasure hunt with friends
Learn coding by playing.

This game teaches kids how to orient themselves in space. The aim is to find Blebbo, our mascot in the shortest possible time, by following only the instructions provided by the app.

Scuola Elementare TechnoGarden

Livello elementare

Follow the directions provided by the app to find Blebbo.

What do you learn?

  1. To interact with devices through an app
  2. to make a new game

Livello medio

By adding a few extensions connected to the basic app, it is possible to create a multitude of small accessories and insert them into our apps (a compass for example).

What do you learn?

  1. Find your way by following the directions dictated by the app
Parte Superiore TechnoGarden

Livello superiore

Create your personal app, based on comparing the values ​​corresponding to the RSSI with simple If-Else constructs.

What do you learn?

  1. To use coding to create your own app
  2. to create other apps based on Blebricks and coding

Authors of the project

Nicolò Somà
I.I.S. Cigna-Baruffi-Garelli

Blebricks needed

  • BLE-B
  • RPS

Notes: remember to name the BLE-B as “Blebb0” (where 0 is a zero not the letter O).

Download Area

Watch the tutorial prepared by the students of the Cigna-Baruffi-Garelli institute

Source file for App Inventor and Android Apk

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