How do Protectors work combined with specific infrastructure (Gateway and software)?

Protectors can connect to the Internet through special receivers (Gateway) and, therefore, exchange the collected data with a remote server. Gateways autonomously select Protectors within the range of action, connect with them, download the data and send them directly to the server. A special application can therefore be used to report and trace any risk situations for the workforce and, consequently, to intervene in an appropriate manner towards the operators who have interacted significantly with the positive person.

Devices: Protectors and Gateways

Protector is available in two customizable versions: the badge, and the bracelet. The technology, in fact, can be integrated into different supports to avoid forgetfulness by workers and to have a single and complete device

Gateway can be of two types: Gateway SW – any Android Smartphone can be used as a Gateway, by installing and activating the Bricksdoor application – and the HW Gateway. The HW Gateways can be supplied including all the sensors of the Blebricks family (e.g. presence, air quality, CO2 and particulate sensors – PM2.5, PM10 -) and are available in the RPI and ESP versions.

Additional uses of the Protector

It is possible to combine Protector with other supports (infrastructures or auxiliaries) to implement its benefits and advantages, such as:

  • beacon: can be used in access control applications such as long-lasting (> 10 years) beacons with “man down” and “shock detection” features;
  • tracking devices (RTLS): by combining Protectors with Gateways or advanced RTLS systems (Quuppa), it is possible to locate objects with the desired accuracy and/or people.
  • remote signalling devices: signalling devices (LED-RGB, Vibro-Motor, Buzzer) can be remotely controlled via Gateways to notify dangerous conditions, locate objects etc.
  • sensors: Protector can be equipped with all the sensors of the Blebricks family. For example, it can integrate sensors to measure the main physiological parameters.


Protectors can be used in various contexts such as offices, factories, business centers, production lines, warehouses, hospitals, company canteens, construction sites, gyms, swimming pools, amusement parks, museums, cinemas and theatres, events, shops, stadiums, ships cruise, and schools.