Here we go, let's start!

Don’t forget to install our MakeApp for Blebricks before you go through the tutorial!

Done? Cool!

Now take 3 minutes to watch our video!

Once you’ve created your Blebricks device and tried it out with our MakeApp, wouldn’t you like to create your own app?

If you have no idea how to do it, how about using our extension for MIT App Inventor? It’s beginners proof and we even have a tutorial for you!

If you are an advanced developer, then our Java Library for Android is waiting for you!

Last but not least, we can share with you our Technical User Guide with a detailed description of BLE-B’s firmware and protocols. 

Just send us back the signed NDA and we’ll send it to you!

Connect some Blebricks to the BLE-B, open our MakeApp and start interacting with your device! If you need any help, here you have some hints for each Blebrick!
If you’ve purchased an SFX, it has to be registered to the Sigfox network at first use: don’t worry, with Blebricks the first year is for free! Click here and follow the instructions!

Your device needs to be registered to the Sigfox network at first use.
Click here and follow the instructions.