This guide will help you, step by step, to install and use the (1) MakeApp, (2) MIT App Inventor, and (3) Bricksboard portal in order to get the most out of using your Blebricks. Are you ready to give life to endless applications?

Through the MakeApp you can interact with the Blebricks, directly from your smartphone, in an intuitive and simple way.


1. Install the MakeApp for Blebricks (from the Play Store) and switch your Bluetooth on. Make sure that the MakeApp has GPS authorization: it is needed for Bluetooth Low Energy technology to work.

2. Take 3 minutes to watch this short intro video!



3. Is everything clear? Try to power on your BLE-B and launch the MakeApp to see some of its functionalities! Here you’ll find a simple guide showing you how to take the most out of your Blebricks and the MakeApp.

From now on, you will be able to create IoT devices easily, not needing any specific technical skill.

By clicking on the following boxes, you can see what the MakeApp can do with each Blebrick.

Your device needs to be registered to the Sigfox network at first use.
Click here and follow the instructions.

sigfox app
sigfox app
sigfox app
sigfox app

Now that you have created and tested your device with our MakeApp, would you like to make a step forward and create your own app?

4. Download our basic extension for MIT App Inventor: thanks to our tutorial you will be able to easily work with it.

That’s all!



Do you want to follow your Blebricks wherever you are?

5. Have you purchased a Gateway or an SFX? Now you can interact with your Blebricks from wherever you are connecting to Bricksboard and creating your dashboard. Follow these simple instructions. Good news: a one-year free subscription to the Sigfox network is included with your SFX: click here and follow the instructions.


Still having doubts or needing further info? Please contact us: info@bleb.it

If you are an expert programmer, you can request the Java library for Android and Technical User Guide, attaching the signed NDA