Expert Top Kit


The Expert Top Kit XTK-1906 includes the following naked Blebricks:

BLE-B, our Blebrick for Bluetooth® Low Energy communication featuring embedded temperature sensor and flash memory, RGB LED, button and 4 I/Os including PWM and ADC features

ENV, our main environmental Blebrick featuring pressure, humidity, temperature and gas sensors together with a data fusion algorithm for Indoor Air Quality index calculation

PRT, featuring pressure and temperature sensors

RHT, featuring humidity and temperature sensors

UVA, featuring UV-A light sensor

RGB, featuring light colours detection

RPS, our power supply Blebrick including rechargeable Li-Po battery and micro-USB charging slot

SPS, our power supply Blebrick including CR1632 coin cell battery

IMU, our inertial Blebrick with 9-axes absolute orientation sensor including accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer and data fusion algorithm for quaternions or Euler angles

PDM, our optical Blebrick with laser ranging system for distance measurement and presence detection

CAP, our touch sensor Blebrick with capacitive touch detection

IRR, our infrared receiver Blebrick

PCB, our Blebricks-compatible breadboard for custom assembly

VBR, featuring a small vibration motor

BUZ, featuring a buzzer

WPL, featuring a high intensity colored LED

REL, featuring a bistable relay and auxiliary I/Os

IRT, featuring an infrared transmitter

SMS, featuring soil moisture sensor

IB2, our two-positions horizontal mounting base

IB3, our three-positions horizontal mounting base



The Expert Top Kit XTK-1906 includes the following naked Blebricks: BLE-BENVPRTRHT, UVA, RGB, RPS, SPSIMU, PDM, CAP, IRRPCBVBRBUZ, WPLIRT, RELSMSIB2, and IB3.



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