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Our Expert Kits
Our Expert Kits contain Blebricks in naked version (naked circuit board with components in sight)
Our Elite Kits
Our Elite Kits contain Blebricks in packaged version (each one with its own plastic housing)

N.B. Each kit’s content may be changed and updated in the near future


To discover the other kits available, please send a request to info@bleb.it

Software Suite
Choose the most suitable software solution for your own prototype

With the support of a straightforward checkbox, interact with your Blebricks prototype and shape its behavior

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apps & apps

Use your Blebricks prototype immediately with many off-the-shelf mobile apps

bleb app inventor
sigfox api
Java SDK

Experts can use our Java SDK to implement professional Blebricks apps!

Fast Route To Production
We industrialize your prototype in the most effective way

Are you satisfied with your Blebricks prototype? Then take our fast route to production to industrialize your custom device!

Our modular design approach based on Blebricks will save your time and money, without renouncing to features and performances.

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