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Personal Applications

Create IoT devices for your daily needs: find objects, help those you care about, control the little ones…

BLE-B: a single device, many different uses
Con L'utilizzo Dei Blebricks BLE-B E RPS è Possibile Scattare Un Selfie

Take a selfie

Press the BLE-B and take a selfie.

Ritrovare Oggetti

Finding objects

Find lost items with the BLE-B.

SOS elderly

Press the BLE-B and send an SOS.

Sistema Antiabbandono


Receive an alert if your child stays in the car.

Controllo Temperatura Alimenti

Food temperature control

Keep an eye on the temperature of your food.

Inviare Messaggio

Send a message

Press the BLE-B and send a message automatically.

Ritrovare Il Telefono

Find the phone again

Press the BLE-B to find your phone.

Campanello Wireless

Wireless doorbell

Press the BLE-B to activate the wireless doorbell.

Luce Smart

Smart light

Have the light turn on automatically.

Riprodurre Musica

Play music

Press the BLE-B to play your favorite music.

Cibo A Fido

Dog food

Receive an alert when the dog approaches the bowl.


Burglar alarm

Receive an alert during a break-in attempt.

Sicurezza Parcheggio

Parking security

Get a warning if your car is hit in a parking lot.

Sos Caduta

SOS fall

Receive an alert if your loved one has fallen while he was alone in the house.

Qualità Dell'aria

Air quality

Get notified when air quality is getting worse.

Qualità Alimenti

Food quality

Get notified when food is spoiling.

Stazione Meteo

Meteo station

Receive an alert when it’s about to rain or when it’s clear.

Conservazione Strumenti

Conservation of musical instruments

Receive an alert when the quality of the environment is not optimal.

Avviso Effrazione

Burglary warning

Receive an alert if there is a break-in attempt.

Annaffiare Pianta

Watering plant

Receive an alert to water.

Nuove Applicazioni Presto Disponibili

New applications available soon.

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