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Software Suite
Choose the most suitable software solution for your own prototype.
It is free for our customers!
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With the support of a straightforward checkbox, interact with your Blebricks prototype and shape its behavior.

app inventor
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App Inventor is the fastest and easiest tool for creating apps compatible with Blebricks thanks to our basic extension.

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A customizable web panel to interact with your Blebricks wherever you are.

Java SDK
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Thanks to our Java SDK, expert users can implement professional Blebricks apps.
To receive our Java libraries please fill-in the
non-disclosure agreement.

apps & apps
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Use your Blebricks prototype immediately with many off-the-shelf mobile apps. (Coming soon)

sigfox api
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For a seamless integration of Sigfox LP-WAN technology, we provide an API to decode the data received from SFX Blebrick. For expert Java developpers only.

Customize your prototype housing

The prototypal device is usually available in Expert version, regarding B2B applications. Then, in a second moment, the device is furnished by its own housing allowing wearing it, fixing it to goods or to pre-existing structures.
From now on, thanks to our new 3D-Flex service, we are able to customize the housing of the Blebricks prototype in preferred customer colours and logo with a 3D-FDM printing.

Main features:

  • Pre-assembled devices with 3D-FDM printed housings
  • Strong housings suitable to outdoor locations and extreme climate conditions (-40°C + 85°C)
  • Customizable colours (fluorescent colours green/blue incl.)
  • Customized printing with company logo

Housing for RPS version with Li-Po/Li-Ion micro-USB (Type B) battery charger Euro 15.50

Fluorescent colour: Euro 2.10/3.90 each
Customized printed logo: Euro 35


Housing for XPS version with AA alkaline or lithium-thionyl chloride battery
Euro 19.80

Fast Route To Production
We industrialize your prototype in the most effective way

Following the prototype validation or Proof of Concept (PoC), there comes the moment to develop the final product. This point could be troublesome and very complicated when no specific skills are available.

Thanks to our “Fast Route to Production” service, we can ship (in a few weeks) the industrialized and customized prototypes (even on small volumes) with a massive reduction in development time and costs. It is a turn-key solution including a choice of the following services:


The prototype is turned into a final product with optimized costs, form factors, performance and consumption. The electronics of the Blebricks is integrated in a unique device, removing all the redundancies. The final product becomes more compact, efficient, affordable and with the desired shape. A custom housing can be provided upon request.

Production and test

These services become more efficient because of the reuse of production processes, test equipment and sourcing processes which are in place and have already been validated.


This process benefits from the reuse of certified parent modules (further certifications available on request) .

costs and time saving

90% reduction in development time and costs compared to competitors.