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Information for Startup – January 2020

As required by law, the information for innovative startups (L 17/12/2012, No. 221) is provided below.

1. Date and place of establishment, name and address of the notary;
The company was formed on 26 November 2015 at the notary Dr. Francesco De Luca with studio in Prato via Francesco Farouk N.  203/C. On 24 May 2018, with the advent of new shareholders, the company was transformed into a limited liability company by deed made by Notary Federico Favilli with address V.le del Poggio Imperiale n.14, Florence.

2. Main office and any peripheral locations;
The head office is located in Viale Montegrappa 306, 59100 Prato, with local unit in Via Lanciotto Dancers 2, 59100 Prato with the operational headquarter in Via Francesco Ferrucci 131/D, 59100 Prato

3. Social object;
The company has the following social object: the development, production and marketing of innovative products or services with high technological value, to be used in the telecommunications sector, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), Sensors, electronics and electrical in general.

4. Brief description of the activity carried out, including activity and expenses in R&D
The company designs, manufactures (using third-party suppliers) and markets innovative prototyping devices and systems provided in the form of small “bricks” capable of recognizing and configuring themselves, called BLE-bricks, by Use in the telecommunications sector, ICT (Information and Communication Technologies), sensors, electronics and electrical in general. It also provides training, consultancy and management services to support and develop new ideas and products as well as activities based on the use of the products supplied.
The expenses in research and development are aimed at the continuous innovation that is inherent in the devices provided, both with regard to the interfaces towards the most advanced and innovative communication technologies, constantly updated with the continuous Evolving mobile devices (such as modern smartphones and tablets), both with regard to the continuous design and development of new “smart bricks” and programming tools to support their use and dissemination. In this context, the minimum research and development costs that will be incurred each year are due to 17% of the company’s turnover, however more than 20% of the costs.

5. List of members, with transparency compared to trustees, holding, with self-certification of truthfulness;
The shareholders who represent the totality of the authorized share capital, equal to 14,957.12 Euros:

  • Fabrizio Innocenti, born in Prato (PO) on 09/26/1960, resident in Prato (PO), via L. Ballerini n. 2, CF: NNC FRZ 60P26 G999M, holder of nominal shares equal to Euro 9,033.00
  • Perra Bruno, resident in Milan (MI), viale E. Bezzi n.2, Tax Code: PRRBRN52A17F205D, holder of nominal shares equal to Euro 1,242.17
  • OPEN SEED s.r.l. with registered office in Florence (FI), Via Vittorio Alfieri n. 11, 50121, and VAT number: 06611340487 in the person of the legal holder of nominal shares equal to 1,082.56
  • MANAGEMENT INNOVATION s.r.l, with registered office in Rocca Priora (RM), viale della Galassia n. 43, C.F. and VAT number: 10027101004, in the person of the legal representative Emilio
  • Sassone Corsi, born in Naples (NA) on 22/05/1955, in Rocca Priora (RM), viale della Galassia n. 43, C.F .; SSS MLE 55E22 F893O, holder of nominal shares of € 957.99
  • Alessandro Bortolani, born in Scandiano (RE) on 30/07/1975, resident in Scandiano (RE), via Romoli n.6, Tax Code: BRT LSN 75L30 I1496I, holder of nominal shares equal to 689.32 Euro
  • Greco Ivano, resident in Florence (FI), Via dell’arcolaio 38, Tax Code GRCVNI72H21F839Q, holder of nominal shares equal to Euro 471.39
  • Guido Salemi, born in Palermo (PA) on 03/15/1943, residing in Rome, via Chiusi n. 14, Tax Code: SLM GDU 43C15 G273A, holder of nominal shares equal to € 375.32
  • Greco Maria Novella, resident in Florence (FI), via dell’Arcovata 11, Tax Code: GRCMNV75C46F839C, holder of nominal shares 246.30 Euros
  • Tavazza Carlo, resident in Rome (RM) Via Filippo Cordova n.36, Tax Code: TVZCRL69M12H501R, holder of nominal shares € 219.90
  • ORLANDI s.r.l, with registered office in Tavagnacco (UD), via Centrale n. 59, C.F. and VAT number: 028723360306, in the person of the legal representative Pierluigi Orlandi, born in Udine (UD) on 14/10/1968, resident in Tavagnacco (UD), via Centrale n.63, CF: RLN PLG 68R14 L483K, owner of nominal shares of € 212.60
  • Longobardi Pasquale, Tax Code: LNGPQL69A19C129G, holder of nominal shares 210.88 Euro
  • Limatola Francesco, resident in Naples (NA) Via P. Castellino n.141, Tax Code: LMTFNC49E14F839M, holder of nominal shares 178.50 Euros
  • Campi Domenico, Tax Code: CMPDNC56T16D969P, holder of nominal shares of € 37.19

6. List of participating companies;
No companies participated.

7. Indication of the qualifications and professional experience of the members and staff working in the start-Upinnovativa, excluding any sensitive data;
Fabrizio Innocenti: Degree in electronic engineering V.O. creator and co-ordinator of the BLE-bricks project follows the commercial, production and logistics part. He has over 25 years of experience in the technical and commercial field in the Hi-Tech sector, specifically integrated circuits, sensors and RF-ID.  It has over 16 years of experience in SME management and Start Up, the latest in RFID.

Bruno Perra: Degree in Industrial Chemistry from the State University of Milan. He joins Unilever as Product Area Manager and then moves on to SC Johnson Wax as R&D and Quality Manager and subsequently joins Gillette Italia where he joins the Board of Directors and holds the role of Materials Manager. He then moved on to Nobel Consumer Goods as Operation Director Italy. The next step is in Henkel where he has a position with global responsibility developing twenty years of experience in Global Sourcing. Currently, in addition to being part of the Board of Directors of Bleb Technology, he holds the position of CEO in a spin-off of the Bicocca University of Milan.

Ivano Greco: attends the School of Business Sciences in Florence, obtaining the “High Tech Entrepreneur” Certificate at the MIB School of Management in Trieste. He trained abroad in London, Vietnam, San Francisco and China. In particular, in the USA, he attended the Mind The Bridge Foundation in Silicon Valley. He has twenty years of experience in Marketing and in the management of innovative projects in the ICT, Internet and Retail fields. He is enrolled in the MISE register with the qualification of Innovation Manager to support companies in product innovation and business development processes. He is also co-founder of Campus Innovazione, a co-design platform where companies and aspiring entrepreneurs meet to develop new products together

Alessandro Bortolani: degree in Management Engineering from the University of Bologna, a few years as a process engineer in metalworking companies, currently IT project manager.

Guido Salemi: Degree in law. In over forty years of career he has held the following prestigious positions such as: Director of the Regional Administrative Court of Lazio. President of the Regional Administrative Court of Calabria, Councilor of State. Judge at the Higher Court of Public Waters, Member of the Central Tax Commission

Pierluigi Orlandi: degree in Economics and Banking from the University of Udine, partner in real estate business, managing partner in a bakery and pastry company, provincial president and regional councilor in the confcommercio category, board of directors and ce at a local bank.

Emilio Sassone Corsi: graduated in Physics, successful writer and lecturer at the Universities of International Studies of Rome, “Tor Vergata” and Milan Bicocca, for over thirty years a professional in the ICT sector, he has held positions at the highest levels in companies Italian and multinational companies. Founder and Director of Management Innovation Srl, a consulting company specializing in the management of innovation in the ICT and Energy sectors, of Green Energy Storage Srl (Trento) and Glass to Power Srl (Milan).

7.2 Educational qualifications and experience of the staff
Lorenzo Innocenti: Degree cum laude in Electronic Engineering. 6 months internship conducted at OÜ Eliko Tehnoloogia Arenduskeskus, Estonia, as a designer of electronic systems and Bluetooth Low Energy systems

Marco Niccolini: Doctor of Telecommunications Engineering. 6-month internship at the UNIPI Information Engineering Department on LoRa and IoT / LP-WAN technologies.

Carolina Rutta: Degree in Philosophy and PhD in Human-Computer Interaction. He worked for a year in a start-up in the field of performance management and is now in charge of Marketing & Sales Unit.

8. Indication of the existence of professional, collaborative or commercial relations with certified incubators, institutional and professional investors, universities and research centres;
At the moment no formal relations are in place with any of the above-mentioned realities.

9. Last deposited budget, in the XBRL standard;
The only XBRL budget to date filed is that relating to the first social year, closed at 31/12/2016 

10. List of rights of privatization on industrial and intellectual property.
BLEB Technology has the right to private exclusive license agreement for the Italian patent application N. 102015000075169 filed on 20/11/2015 with title: Rapid Prototyping System, later extended with application PCT/IB2016/001649 filed at European Patent Office, P.B. 5818 Patentlaan 2 NL-2260 HW Rijswijk.

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