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Gateways - Bleb Technology Srl

Our custom Gateways are made to connect Protector, BLEBeacons and Blebricks series devices to the internet and then exchange data with a Remote server. In order to fully exploit the potential of the system we recommend the use of Android platforms. For Apple users it is also possible to activate the data transmission in iBeacon format.

Generally speaking, Real Time communication between the Gateways and the server takes place through the MQTT service. The operation of retrieving the logs in the Protectors is managed automatically by our Gateways, which autonomously select the Devices with available logs present within about 6 meters, connect and send them to the predefined server.

The communication distance between the gateway and the Protector in advertising mode (Real Time) is about 10 m, due to reduced transmission power. The download of the logs from the gateway takes place automatically in connection mode.

For Beacons and BLEbricks in general the communication distance depends on technology used.

For further information please refer to the specification documents of the gateways, available on request. 

Gateway HW
Gateway HW

Our gateways can be of two types, HW and SW: 


  • HW Gateway
  • SW Gateway for Smartphone: any Android Smartphone can be used as a Gateway by installing and activating our Bricksdoor App. 

The HW Gateways can be configured through any browser, while the SW Gateways are configured through the special setting menu of the Bricksdoor App. For developers are also available Java libraries with the sources of the App MyProtector as an example, in addition to the manual with the description of the protocol used for encoding data and commands. There are also generic APIs in PHP that can be used with our technology.


The HW  Gateways can be supplied with all the sensors available with the Blebricks family, including presence sensors, environmental sensors such as air quality, CO2 and Particulate(PM2.5, PM10).

Gateways HW GW-ESP series

Our Gateways GW-ESP are powered by Blebricks technology and based on the BLE-B with proprietary firmware. They are available in various versions.

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