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RGB Demo

You can build your own wireless colour sensor in 5 seconds using Blebricks: just stack the BLE-B, the RPS and the RGB with the help of a horizontal mounting base.

PDM Demo

You can build your own wireless laser sensor in 5 seconds using Blebricks: just stack the BLE-B, the RPS and the PDM with the help of a horizontal mounting base.

OTA Firmware Update

The Over The Air Firmware Update feature lets you keep your BLE-B up-to-date, wirelessly.

All you need to do is:

  1. Install nRF Connect and download our latest firmware package on your smartphone
  2. Open the MakeApp, connect to your BLE-B and tap on Bootloader button (your BLE-B will light up!)
  3. Open nRF Connect and follow our tutorial
Near Field Communication

Our BLE-B can emulate a Near Field Communication tag that you can read or write using your smartphone.

Apps such as “NFC Tools” allow you to write different information on the tag such as text, URL links, global coordinates, and even instructions for triggering a call or a SMS on the reading smartphone.

Unlimited interactions

With BLE-B, the number of devices to interact with is unbounded.

Exploiting Bluetooth® Low Energy advertising and observing capabilities, the BLE-B allows simultaneous data exchange between any number of similar devices and smartphones, overcoming the limits of regular Bluetooth® connections.

The video shows how one or multiple BLE-Bs can be simultaneously controlled with a smartphone. With regular Bluetooth® connection, it is not possible to interact with 9 device at the same time, while BLE-Bs can do it with a virtually unlimited number of devices.

Direct Interactions

Following the if-this-then-that paradygm, the BLE-B can be configured to perform certain actions (including sending commands to similar devices) upon the occurrence of specific events.

The video shows how the leftmost BLE-B can control the other BLE-Bs’ LEDs upon button pressure or upon overcoming a certain temperature threshold.

This means that after being properly configured, BLE-Bs can virtually operate and interact without any human operation, fully exploiting the Internet of Things.

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