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Connectivity options for Blebricks

Once you have connected the desidered Blebricks with the BLE-B, you can see their data and interact with them locally – with your smartphone – through our MakeApp for Android devices.

As you already know, the BLE-B communicates through Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) technology:
– Bluetooth® 4.2 with communication range up to 30 metres* in air
– Bluetooth® 5 with communication range up to 600 metres* in air

Read our article to learn more about the improvement introduced by Bluetooth® 5.


You can interact and monitor Blebricks wherever you are by accessing to Bricksboard.
Just connect them to Internet by LP-WAN or GATEWAY:


  • add the SFX Blebrick to connect through Sigfox network (check the network coverage by clicking here)
  • NB-IoT: a technology providing wider and deeper network coverage indoor (coming soon)


  • Physical Gateway: dedicated device, available in Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi + Ethernet and Wi-Fi + PoE (Power over Ethernet) version
  • Software Gateway: app turning any Android device into a gateway
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