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Gioco Per Gli Studenti Delle Scuole Elementari E Medie

BLEB Invaders, the 4.0 version of Space Invaders
Learn coding by playing.

Test your skills with BLEB Invaders, the 21st century remake of one of the most beloved arcade games of all time: Space Invaders.
The game is designed to accompany children to discover the world of video games, social inclusion and the movement of their body in space.

What are you waiting for? Test yourself now!

Scuola Elementare TechnoGarden

Livello elementare

Create the Challenge: Who will be able to defend the Earth from alien attacks?

What do you learn?

  1. Inclusion at school
  2. Getting familiar with the BLEB Invaders game

Livello medio

Create a simple app with MIT App Inventor.

What do you learn?

First concepts of programming with If… Then logic
Realization of simple applications to interact with the Blebricks

Parte Superiore TechnoGarden

Livello superiore

Jump and shoot to kill the alien enemy!

What do you learn?

  1. In-depth knowledge of the IMU sensor and communication between devices
  2. Creation of advanced applications able to interact with the Blebricks

Authors of the project

Marco Darseno
I.I.S. Cigna-Baruffi-Garelli

Blebricks needed

  • BLE-B
  • RPS
  • IMU
  • FIX

Notes: remember to name the BLE-B as “SpaceI” and insert the battery (RPS) with the BLE-B oriented towards the screen and the RPS connector upwards.

Download area

Watch the tutorial prepared by the students of the Cigna-Baruffi-Garelli institute

Source file for App Inventor and Android Apk

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