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Bleb Technology, founded in 2015, is a new generation of startups within the technological sector focusing on Bluetooth, IoT and RFID.

Blebricks is a project that was developed by a diverse group of computer engineers, designers and developers. Initial project ideas were submitted by the analysis group to go through a long and accurate validation process which lasted all through the winter of 2016.

Once two patents were obtained ((IT 102015000075169, PCT/IB2016/001649), the first application prototypes were created in Winter 2016. After rigorous examination and testing, the Blebricks are currently ready to be produced.


Are you an aspiring entrepreneur or company in search of new, versatile and reliable technology?

Blebricks invites you into their world. Creating collaborative relationships while experiencing the revolutionary properties and functionality of our product is one of our main goals.

Join our Partner Program today and engage in the progress of our products while at the same time meeting your own needs.

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Blebricks have passed the experimental phase, the prototyping phase and are heading towards the industrial production, before reaching the commercialization phase.

Bleb Technology has applied its patented technology multiple times already. In 2016 the first seed investment came from Openseed, an investment vehicle which was born in Florence from the local network of Business Angels. The new capital increase is now open.

The project is supported by Openseed and Startinte.

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Fabrizio Innocenti
Founder & CEO
25+ years of experience in developing and selling ICT and RFID systems and solutions
Bruno Perra
Management Board Member & BA
Operation Management and Global Sourcing @ Henkel, Gillette, SC Johnson, Unilever StartUp Expert @ PoliHub Milano
Ivano Greco
Specialized in marketing and technology transfer in the ICT, Internet and Retail fields.
where to find us
Our headquarter is in Via Ferrucci 131D, Prato (PO).