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CoRehab – an innovative start up based in Trento (Italy) – choose Blebricks technology to realize wearable inertial sensors dedicated to home rehabilitation.

1. Aim
The company adopted Blebricks to supervise patients’ progresses during their home based rehabilitation program through inertial sensors.

2. The Blebricks solution
The inertial sensors prototype has been developed in a few seconds simply by assembling 3 Blebricks:
Bluetooth Low Energy – BLE-B
Sensore inerziale – IMU
Batteria ricaricabile – RPS

3. Outcome
Our Fast Route to Production service allowed us to realize a unique device composed by inertial sensors with a personalized package. This service drastically reduces development time and cost (about 90%) from concept to production when compared to existing rapid prototyping technologies.
Kari was born as a performing, economic and compact medical device composed of a sensor and a dedicated app that guides the patient through a personalized rehabilitation program.
Thanks to video guides and biofeedback the result of the rehab exercises can be recorded through a wearable movement sensor and saved on cloud ready to be analysed by a team of experts.

4. Company rewiew
“It’s been a pleasure to cooperate with Bleb! We had the chance to develop a new app and a digital product starting by a prototype without huge investments. The answer was extremely positive so we decided to be supported by the experienced Bleb Technology team to realize an easy, uptodate and affordable product: Kari, the IMU sensor.
Now Kari is a medical device (1IM class) that we are presenting all over Europe as a real revolution in the home rehab.”

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