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The latest smartphones on the market are advertising support for Bluetooth® 5 on their specifications list. But what are the actual technical improvements introduced by such new technology?
Bluetooth® 5 significantly increases the range, speed, and broadcast messaging capacity of Bluetooth® applications, making use cases in smart home automation, enterprise, and industrial markets a reality.

In particular, Bluetooth® 5 improves the following Bluetooth 4.2 features:
– communication range (up to hundreds of meters)
– communication speed (2 Mbps)
– advertising payload size (up to 255 B)

The first two features (range and speed) cannot be achieved at the same time: extended range means normal speed, and vice-versa.
The advertising payload size extension to 255 B improves connection-less communication, allowing Bluetooth® 5 devices to broadcast more information.

Other features introduced by Bluetooth® 5 are:
– more stable connection (interference with other wireless standards have been reduced)
– safer protocol (adhering to U.S. federal security regulations)
– higher energy efficiency (mostly due to improvements in transmission speeds)

It is finally to mention that Bluetooth® 5 is backward compatible with all BLE previous protocols (Bluetooth® v4.0, v4.1 and v4.2), meaning that a connection with a non-Bluetooth® 5 smartphone is possible, obviously lacking the Bluetooth® 5 advantages.

To exploit all of these advantages, especially the long-range feature, please make sure to use a smartphone with full Bluetooth® 5 compliance.

So far, only a few smartphones are offering such function, therefore we made our BLE5-B communication protocol configurable, making it easy to switch from Bluetooth 4.2 to Bluetooth® 5 and vice-versa.
However, don’t forget that our BLE5-Bs can communicate with each other autonomously using direct interactions over Bluetooth® 5, greatly increasing your IoT system capabilities.

An application of BLE5-B in the ordinary life?
Add our BLE5-B to your dog’s necklace, launch the app and your smartphone will ring when your pet will go far from home.

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