Blebricks respond to external stimuli managed via Bluetooth which are coming from a smartphone or other Blebricks. Each Blebricks output/input has a set of specific features, which are given below. In the coming months, new I/O Blebricks will be introduced and new features will be added to the I/O devices that already exist!

REL Brick:

  • 12/220 Relay

BUZ Brick:

  • Sound-Vibration Alarm function

3BT Brick:

  • Three click buttons
  • Long Distance click Tracking

ADI Brick:

  • 2 * 300 MA output
  • Two independent digital inputs-isolated

HPL Brick:

  • High Power LED
  • Custom Brightness adjustment
  • Available in four colors: (red, yellow, white, blue)

SPK Brick:

  • Audio playback function (TbD)

Coming soon

  • OLED Graphic Display
  • Soft Light
  • Mermaid
  • and many others

To view the datasheet of each device, send the request to info @ bleb. Technology. We will answer you in 24 hours.