Bleb Technology introduces a new hardware devices kit for precision farming. In precision farming, sensory instruments connected by electric cables are used for data transmission. This technology presents a series of drawbacks: the sensors connected to each controller can be few; it is necessary to pay the specialized personnel for their installation; and the cables can be cut or damaged during production and maintenance.

The Blebricks introduces a revolutionary way for monitoring environmental data, allowing to optimize the entire production chain. These sensors provide real time important parameters for the microclimate control such as humidity, air and soil temperature, precipitation and ventilation.

The Bricks guarantee 24-hour monitoring of the passage of individuals or animals along the perimeter or within the cultivated fields.

They can also be programmed to detect micrometric variations. in the diameter of the grape grains, evaluate the conditions of the photosynthesis processes, and detect in advance the color variations induced by the presence of fungi and batterisulle plants.

Unlike today’s instruments, Blebricks does not require networks or electrical reference panels nor installations, and can be managed by any manual worker, while being easily hidden.