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IoT, Smart Sensors and RFID Bricks to build your ideas
Il BLE-B è il mattoncino di base delegato alla gestione operativa del sistema e delle comunicazioni tramite Bluetooth Low Energy BLE 4.2 Satisfied with
your prototype?
Going to production has
never been easier!
Bricks to build your ideas
Blebricks: istant prototyping platform for IoT,
smart sensors and RFID

Internet of Things is for everyone, finally.

Blebricks are smart bricks allowing anybody to create new wireless devices. Thanks to our simple and fast patented technology, no electronics or programming skills are required.

How does it work?

Each Blebrick features a special function among a wide range of sensors and actuators such as wearables for workplace-level personal distancing for Covid-19, motion sensors, environmental sensors, CO2 sensors, infrared sensors, air quality sensors – just to mention a few of them.

Blebricks are able to auto-configure when connected to each other and your prototype is ready in less than a minute!
You can observe sensors data and interact with them locally – with your smartphone – through our MakeApp for Android devices.
Moreover, you can create your own app with MIT App Inventor.
Finally, you can interact with your Blebricks wherever you are, by simply connecting them to Internet and accessing to Bricksboard.

The key advantage of such an innovative technology is a massive reduction (even more than 90%) in development time and costs from concept to production.
In addition, the ultra-low power design makes Blebricks suitable for the development of battery-powered and wearable devices.

The modular design of Blebricks let us offer an optimized service for product industrialization (i.e. creating a more compact, performant, reliable and cost effective solution starting from the proto version): find out our Fast Route to Production!

Blebricks Family
Click on the following Blebricks components to find out all functions available

Other Sensors

Environmental Sensors


Power supply Modules

Mounting Bases


Low Energy
Bluetooth® 4.2 and 5.0


Sigfox, NB-IoT


Near Field Communication


Wi-Fi / Ethernet
The first basic Blebrick
What is BLE-B?

The BLE-B is a smart device with Bluetooth® Low Energy communication and self-configuration, allowing it to take advantage of any feature coming from the Blebricks it is connected to, whether sensors, actuators or communication modules with direct connection to the Internet (e.g. LP-WAN modules).

The BLE-B can be configured with our Software Suite (including on line apps and tools). It is able to notifying the smartphone in case of polluted air, advising when plants need some water or triggering a series of events to prove your innovative concept, just in a moment!

Moreover, the BLE-B features extra functions such as data logger, indoor localization and RTLS, low power mode, over-the-air firmware update and many others, making it a one of a kind device, and definitely a step ahead of the other rapid prototyping platforms and beacons available on the market.

Good news for smart automation addicted: our BLE-B is compatible with the IFTTT service (If This Then That) as well, allowing automation of all kinds of smart devices available on the market. The IFTTT capabilities range from opening an app or turning on a device, to full home automation management (lighting, heating and appliances) just to name a few.

Finally our BLE-B can also be provided in the Bluetooth® 5.X version, featuring a massive communication range extension, advertising throughput and transmission speed.


Blebricks Expandibility

Immediate interlocking connection with sensors and actuators from Blebricks’ family

Unbounded Interactions

Simultaneous data exchange between any number of Bluetooth® devices

Direct Interactions

Create an autonomous IoT environment configuring your BLE-Bs with simple if-this-then-that conditions


Innovative indoor real time location experience, featuring all of our Blebricks sensors

Data Logger

Settable periodic data storage in the BLE-B memory that can be read via MakeApp

OTA Firmware Update

Always keep your BLE-B updated downloading the latest firmware release via Bluetooth®

Full Customization

Remotely set your preferred advertising and observing intervals, transmission power and many other parameters

Sentry Mode

A BLE-B function to detect proximity or loss of another BLE-B, and to estimate its distance



RGB LED with adjustable colors and brightness

Temperature sensor

Built-in temperature sensor


Press, release and long press detection

I/O pins

4 general purpose I/O pins, accessible via Bluetooth®

Analog Inputs

2 analog input pins with internal analog-to-digital converter

Pulse Width Modulation

PWM driver for output signals with configurable duty-cycles

Onboard Intelligence

32-bit ARM Cortex M4F processor

Flash Memory

Onboard memory for message and user configuration storage



Stack the IMU to add a 3-axes accelerometer!

Color Detector

Stack the RGB to add a light sensor with colors detection!

UV Light

Stack the UVA to add a UV light sensor!

Indoor Air Quality

Stack the ENV to add an Indoor Air Quality sensor!


Stack the RHT to add an humidity sensor!


Compatibility with the IFTTT service which allows the automation of intelligent devices of all kinds.


Stack the REL to add a bistable relay!


Stack the PRT to add an atmospheric pressure sensor!


Stack the IMU to add a 3-axes gyroscope!


Stack the IMU to add a three-dimensional orientation sensor!

Soil Moisture

Stack the SMS to add a soil moisture sensor!

Distance Meter

Stack the PDM to add a laser ranging sensor for accurate distance measurement!

Presence Detector

Stack the PDM to add a presence detection sensor!

Obstacles Detection

Stack the PDM to add an obstacles detection sensor!

Level Meter

Stack the SMS to add a liquids level sensor!

Touch Detector

Stack the CAP to add a touch sensor!

Sigfox Communication

Stack the SFX for remote access to your Blebricks’ data via Sigfox network!


Stack the VBR to add a vibration motor!

Acoustic Signal

Stack the BUZ to add a buzzer capable of playing different tones!

High Intensity LED

Stack the WPL to add a high-intensity colored LED!

Infrared Communication

Use the IRR and the IRT to add long range infrared data communication!

Small Dust Sensor

Add PMX to monitor the small dust concentration!

CO2 Monitoring

Stack the CO2 to detect the existence of carbon dioxide in the air!


Stack the IMU to add a 3-axes magnetometer!


Stack the GPS to enable localization!

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