Here we go, let's start!

2. Pick up your BLE-B and BLE-RPS to get some power

3. Stack them to build your first device!

4. Congratulations, your Bluetooth Low Energy Beacon is alive!

5. Turn on Bluetooth on your smartphone

6. Tap on the writing to look for BLE-Bs…

7. …and your BLE-B is now on the screen!

From here you can observe your BLE-B’s name, distance, battery level, temperature, button status, LED colour and so on.

Tap on the icons on the left and send some commands to your BLE-B.

For example, try to change the LED colour.

Easy, isn’t it?

Stack another Blebrick underneath your device and watch it on the MakeApp!

That’s it. Go on and add all the Blebricks you want!